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Pardon our Dust

I am currently improving this site. Trust me, it needs it. Please visit my LinkedIn page for a general description of me.

What I do now

Interactive Marketing Specialist for Rocky Brands

I currently work with Rocky Brands in their e-commerce department. It's a rewarding work environment as we create storefronts and campaigns through our websites, social media, and email marketing. I spend most of my day working on HTML emails and working with our new Content Management System.

What's on the que?

About Me

Oh hey there. I am Christopher Payne. I am a web guy who is currently employed as such. My education at Ohio University has given me training in programing languages such as HTML5 and CSS3 as well as be refine my skills in page design and user experience design. Other skills I have learned through my liberal arts college experience vary from Basic Java programing to African Dance.

One of my current hobbies is the art of home brew. I enjoy combining natural ingredents with sugar and a pinch of yeast to create a new delicious, relaxing beverage. The joys of mixing science and art to create something and enjoy it through consumption. Unlike traditional art, I will never get stuck with a stack of paintings I can never hang up or more pottery than my shelves can hold.


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